Sandcreek Medical is a home medical equipment company serving the North Idaho Area.

At a time when most medical equipment companies are large national corporations, run by corporate  boards in Florida, it is refreshing to have someone like Sandcreek Medical.  Sandcreek Medical is like Small Town America used to be.  We are owned and managed  by the Rench family, local Sandpoint Business owners since 1967. 


Decisions are made locally, focusing on what is best for us and our customers.  Everyone makes that claim.  What makes us different?  North Idaho is home to my family and my friends.  Many times, when I am at the home of my customers, I will see pictures on the walls of  high school classmates, neighbors, and friends.  When that happens I am proud that I run my business the way I do.  I still like the small town feel to North Idaho and I am glad I continue to create that feeling today.